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Jul 13 3: MOD is by broadband network or light from generation to generation ADSL connections at home television sets, audio-visual needs of daily l. Chinese Taipei Film Archive. This approach may be used to insure that every real-time chunghwa multicard is serviced consistently, with deterministic timing.

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In yet another embodiment, the hypervisor may used to dedicate a core in a multi-core processor to a virtual machine, such as a virtual gaming machine. The gaming machine may include RNG software or the gaming machine may be a terminal in a central determination system where the random numbers are generated remotely from the gaming machine or combinations thereof see at least FIGS. ECIs that may be used in conjunction with various gaming devices coupled to the gaming machine to provide gaming services chunghwa multicard the gaming machine under control of a remote host are described.


The ECI's may be a component of gaming machine software and may be executed as processes by a gaming operating system on the gaming machine see at least FIGS. In one embodiment, the gaming operating system is part of the master gaming controller of chunghwa multicard gaming machine. The master gaming controller also controls the play of a game of chance on the gaming machine In another embodiment, logic devices separate from the master gaming controller, such as a logic device on a player tracking unit, may also be used to execute the ECI processes. In one such embodiment, a player tracking unit including a logic device executing an operating system and coupled to the gaming machine may also be used to host ECI processes controlled by remote host including a remote logic device. That is, the gaming machine disclosed herein may be associated with or otherwise integrated with one or more player tracking systems.

In another embodiment, rather than requiring a player to insert a player tracking card, the gaming machine may utilize one or more portable devices carried by a player, such as a cell phone, a radio frequency identification tag or any other suitable wireless device to track when a player begins and ends a gaming session. In another embodiment, the gaming machine may utilize any suitable biometric technology or ticket technology to track when a player begins and ends a gaming session. In different embodiments, for one or more players, the player tracking system includes the player's account number, the player's card number, the player's first name, the player's surname, the player's preferred name, the player's player tracking ranking, any promotion status associated with the player's player tracking card, the player's address, the player's birthday, the player's anniversary, the player's recent gaming sessions, or any other suitable data.

In one embodiment, the remote host keeps track of the play on each gaming machine including at least: 1 the amount wagered by the player s for each play of the primary game for each gaming machine i. In another embodiment, each gaming machine includes a separate coin-in, wager meter or pool which tracks the total or partial coin-in or wagers placed at that gaming machine. It should be appreciated that the player playing a designed gaming machine may change during this tracking and that this tracking can be independent of the specific player playing the designated gaming machine.

ChunghwaTL ChunghwaTL MultiCard HiKey 1.0 how to download and install the driver

It should be further appreciated that the wagers placed may be tracked in any chunghwa multicard compatible or comparable manner such as credits wagered i. Via the remote host communicationthe ECI may receive content from a remote host As described with respect to at chunghwa multicard FIG. Further, the remote host may send via the remote host communication instructions for controlling the physical devices and also receive input from the physical devices The program may be used to output content for a number of different game services, such as player tracking, ATM, communications, lottery, concierge, reservations and entertainment.

In some embodiments, the gaming machine may not store content related to a particular ECI.


After the ECI is launched, the ECI may loaded into a memory device or a protected memory space on the gaming machinethen the gaming machine may load content received from the remote host directly into volatile memory. In one embodiment, streaming of information, such as video and audio information, may be employed. In one chunghwa multicard, the memory device includes read only memory ROM. In another embodiment, the content associated with a particular ECI chunghwa multicard be loaded into volatile memory but may also be stored to a non-volatile memory, such as disk memory or flash memory.


An advantage of this approach is that when a remote host provides a game service multiple times on the gaming machinethe host may be able to use some content previously stored on the gaming machine and thus, reduce a size of a download that is needed to provide the game service. Storage of previously used ECI content, such as ECI content storagemay lead to additional communications between the remote host and the gaming machine For example, the remote host and the gaming machine may comprise logic that enables the remote host to 1 determine and validate the ECI chunghwa multicard stored on the gaming machine and 2 direct the ECI to load content from the ECI content storage Identification, Authentication, Auditing, Bank transaction security, Multi-card issued management, eID, Mobile connect、FIDO, PDF Sign, Document.

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