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HP LaserJet 5L / 6L / 3100 / 3150 series

Billing Address is same as Shipping Address. You may request a quote without any obligations Submit Quote Request. Moderators online. Top Bottom. Each process functions independently and must be coordinated with the other printer processes.


Image formation consists of six processes: Step 1. Drum Cleaning Step 2. Drum Conditioning Step 3. Image Writing Step 4.

Image Developing Step 5. Image Transferring Step 6. Scanning Exposure n. Hp laserjet 5l c3941a toner cartridge contains the photosensitive drum, primary charging roller, developing station, toner cavity, and cleaning station. Including these components, which wear, degrade, or are consumed in the replaceable toner cartridge, eliminates the need for a service call when replacement is required.

The special photosensitive hp laserjet 5l c3941a of the drum allow an image to be formed on the drum surface and then transferred to paper. Be careful to avoid exposing the drum to light, which can permanently damage the drum. Protect the cartridge whenever removing it from the printer.

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Step 1: Drum Cleaning The cleaning blade is in contact with the hp laserjet 5l c3941a of the drum at all times. As the drum rotates during printing, excess toner wiped off and stored in the waste toner receptacle. Step 2: Drum Conditioning After the drum is physically cleaned, it must be conditioned. This process consists of applying a uniform negative charge on the surface of the drum with the primary charging roller, located in the toner cartridge. The primary charging roller is coated with conductive rubber. An AC bias is applied to the roller to erase any residual charges from any previous image. In addition, a negative dc bias is hp laserjet 5l c3941a by the charging roller to create a uniform negative potential on the drum surface. The amount of dc voltage is modified by the print density setting.


Step 3: Image Writing During the writing process, a modulated laser diode projects the beam onto a rotating scanning mirror. As the mirror rotates, the beam reflects off the mirror, hp laserjet 5l c3941a through a set of focusing lenses, off a mirror, and finally through a slot in the top of the toner cartridge, and onto the photosensitive drum. The beam sweeps hp laserjet 5l c3941a drum from left to right, discharging the negative potential wherever the beam strikes the surface. This creates a latent electrostatic image, which later is developed into a visible image.

HP LaserJet 5L Printer Repair & Maintenance

Because the beam is sweeping the entire length of hp laserjet 5l c3941a drum and the drum is rotating, the entire surface area of the drum can be covered. At the end of each sweep, the beam strikes the beam detect lens, generating the Beam Detect Signal BD.

The BD signal is sent to the DC Controller, where it is converted to an electrical signal used to synchronize the output of the next scan line of data. The toner particles obtain a negative surface charge by rubbing against the hp laserjet 5l c3941a cylinder which is connected to a negative dc supply.

The negatively charged toner is attracted to the discharged exposed, grounded areas of the drum, and repelled from the negatively charged non-exposed areas. Step 5: Image Transferring During the transferring process, the toner image on the drum surface is transferred to the paper. A positive charge applied to the back of the paper by the transfer roller causes the negatively charged toner on the drum surface to be attracted to the paper. After separation, the drum is cleaned and conditioned for the next image. Step 6: Hp laserjet 5l c3941a Fusing During the fusing process, the toner is fused into the paper by heat and pressure to produce a permanent image.

The paper passes between a heated fusing element and a soft pressure roller. This melts the toner and presses it into the paper.

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Paper placed in either hp laserjet 5l c3941a these areas enables the Paper Out Sensor sensorwhich informs the DC Controller that paper is present. This causes the paper pick up roller to rotate once. Two actions occur as a result of this rotation.

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First, the paper kick plate pushes the paper against the pick-up roller. See your HP Authorized Reseller for details. Are you looking for a high-performance, economical and optionally expandable monochrome printer for your small business or department?

Then this user-friendly model with duplex unit, network interface and modern security features is certainly a good choice for you! Achieve fast, responsive results on a variety of media up to A4. Hp laserjet 5l c3941a HP LaserJet Printer with JetIntelligence combines exceptional performance and energy efficiency with professional-quality documents right when you need them-all while protecting your network from attacks with the industry's deepest security.Download the latest drivers, firmware, and software for your HP LaserJet 5L Printer is HP's official website that will help hp laserjet 5l c3941a detect and. Parts and support for HP CA LaserJet 5L Printer.


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