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The JMicron is better if your looking for more inclusive features, hot swap capabailities, There is however,one feature I realy like about the Jmcron portsand evga jmicron if you disable them, it boots a little faster, less screens in BIOS.

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Show Full Site. This codec provides outstanding signal-to-noise ratios, with dB for its analog inputs and dB for its analog outputs, with kHz sampling rate for both evga jmicron and outputs. Join us now!

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Also, you can fine tune the frequency level on the digital PWMs. Loveha beat me to it. Pistoj Doulos Unum Pluribus.


Post thread. Computer Peripherals.

Evga jmicron by alexveliky Today at AM Replies: Graphics Cards. Q with H80i cooler. What is the output impedance of the nu audio headphone amplifier? I was really surprised that turning that SATA port off did not eliminate the message. Yes, the sata cables do connect to the motherboard, the JMicron Controller referenced in your original post with the error message quote is the actual hardware circuit that manages the disk resources attached to your computer via those little sata cables. These RAID controllers can be set to handle attached hard drives as RAID arrays, for instance, one type of RAID array allows you to maintain a real time duplicate copy of every file on a disk to make disaster recover easier, another type of RAID array allows you to cacatonate hook together end on end multiple drives to make a given defined drive span multiple physical hard drives, there are other RAID arrays as well.

This is what you are doing on your machine sice you have no RAID arrays defined, and this kind of configuration is usually the default for RAID controllers.


I think your "error message" is just telling you in an odd way that it didn't find any RAID configured drives on your system. Evga jmicron wouldn't worry about as you said that all of the drives are working properly.

It appears on my machine as well upon bootup and is not an error message. It is nothing more than the result of a programmer who does not know the English language. I hope you didn't waste your time restoring your evga jmicron.

Intel Raid Controller vs JMicron Controller on Classified - EVGA Forums

And do you know of any links to guides on setting it up. Its been evga jmicron long since I last set it up I could use some notes?

Thanks again. ZachA But be carefull when doing that because you might need to update the Jmicron controller to get the Drives to burn discs The same thing happened to me.Hey all, I was wondering if there was any performance benefit to be gained by using SATA 8/9 ports on the JMicron controller instead of the. The JMicron SATA controller drivers can be found at: ftp:// SATA_Controller/Windows/. This driver can be used evga jmicron the.

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