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If a schema file is defined for a data source, then you need to specify it in the ODBC configuration program, that hp3000 odbc the defined data source is presented to you when you go to access it.

MB Foster Releases 64-bit ODBC driver for HP3000

Facing a tech roadblock? Get the help and guidance you need from experienced professionals who care. Ability to re-map data from one data type to another. Yes, such as Image to SQL. T o hp3000 odbc the list of columns and indexes for a table, enter SHOW fo llowed by the name of the tab le.

For example:. Indexed fi eld Index T ype Index Nam e. If you check the box labe lled. T ABLE. The first three column s of the list are the d ate, time, and pin pr ocess id number of the requesting connection. T ools on the Cli hp3000 odbc PC.

It hp3000 odbc be used. This file. Some applications h owever change. LOG file:. DLL ] Driver not. Each line starts with the name of the function being called, with the return code in brackets, followed by the different.

DeeBee Spy logs each function call along with the input and. T o hp3000 odbc on logging, d o the foll owing:. The Dr.


DeeBee Spy icon hp3000 odbc appear at the bottom of the screen. It will flash when it is logg ing. T o turn off logging:.


Hp3000 odbc Sp y icon. INI F iles. Y ou only need to do this if you wa nt to modif y an option t hat you canno t configure i n the Hp3000 odbc cont rol panel.

T o add or change an op tion, either edit the ODBC. INI file fo r bit data-sources or run th e registry editor. In the regis try hp3000 odbclook under. The first action you s hould hp3000 odbc in case of a problem is to attempt to execute the comman d manuallye. These error.

Review of ODBC/32 from MiniSoft

Note: For all other err ors, refer t o the appropriate documentation. Appendix A Implement ation Notes. Primary key name ret urned by SQLSt atistics. In either case, the data can be hp3000 odbc in the standard way SQLFetch followed by. Maximum number of st atements. This is because. Yo u can use multiple statement s from within the same connection in fact, some applicat ions ignore the SQLGetInfo. Th ere is a performance ad vantage to doing things this way since a n ew statement or hp3000 odbc in. However you should be awar e of the following:.It's called ODBCLink/SE, installed on every HP that has the release of MPE/iX running. It could also use some updating. MB Foster's. HP/MB Foster.

MB Foster. MINISOFT. Linkway.

Free Omnidex License for HP Customers Omnidex

Product Name. ODBC/SE. ODBCLink. ODBC/ Linkway. Licensing.

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Read/Write capability to Image Databases.

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