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Universal converter with support for over 50 audio and video formats.

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Save Music Back to the top. Advertising is automatically recognized and cut out automatically Audials Tunebite Premium masters the most difficult challenges and removes music service ads reliably while recording.


The mute function allows you to record audio streaming muted in the background. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive.


I also understand that this is the user's forum, but I've found that most of the time, the users know more about getting past problems than company, at the same time, this forum is on the Company's website, so its still in one way or another ran by Digidesign. I don't mean to come off as a jerk, but I'm just really frustrated right now. I really want to get this tunebite high speed dubbing. Forgot Your Password? Find answers Ask a question.

Rapidsolution Tunebite High-Speed Dubbing Causing Asio4all Problems Cakewalk Forums

Switch to the New Audials Software with Multiple New Features and Improvements Today You can currently switch over to the new software with a large loyalty discount and benefit from all the improvements today. Enjoy the advantage of additional file formats and all the new device profiles for perfect conversion! Switch over and gain lots of advantages now! Thanks to Audials, music collections keep on growing. These and other clouds are automatically recognized by Audials and offered for tunebite high speed dubbing your media in a redesigned user interface. This means that working with clouds has become a lot easier with Audials Tunebite Premium.

Tag Editor Modernized Tag Editor Modernized For individually tagging files, the tried-and-tested editor has been revamped and given a clearer layout. There is also now a tag for album artist for naming additional artists who collaborated on the album as guests or friends.

Everyone Has a Viewpoint — With Audials You Have a Lot In addition to the viewing modes already provided, users also wanted a section for their music collection similar to the example set by Apple iTunes. We are happy to have granted this wish. Social Media News about the Artists from Facebook and Twitter Social Media News about the Artists from Facebook and Twitter Without using any additional browser or app, you can follow the news and information about your favorite stars directly in Audials and stay up to date about when their next album tunebite high speed dubbing coming tunebite high speed dubbing or next gig coming up.

Improvements to Display and Visuals To ensure that you can enjoy your music and entertainment even better, we have made improvements to the display features and appearance year on year.

Audials One 12 fulfills Music Wishes faster, eliminates Duplicates more efficiently and offers an impressive 46 new File Formats in the Universal Converter. Audials now has 10, users around the world!

The most popular and beloved core functions have been drastically improved in the anniversary edition of Audials Gen Please note the most important info on the browser switch and the effects that has on Save Stream Video. Check out the screenshots to see the alternatives. Avoid unwanted Duplicates. Only Audials One has the Audials Radio Network — and tunebite high speed dubbing thousands of radio stations — at its disposal, while also sifting through the best music portals with the powerful music search. With the brand new Gen 12, both of these core functions have been drastically improved and the newly-formed cluster delivers a real turbo effect when tunebite high speed dubbing music wishes.

Never before tunebite high speed dubbing you get the latest and greatest hits from yesterday and today delivered straight to your hard drive faster than this—absolutely free and completely legal! This means that recordings are only made of songs that are on albums by a given artist and thus you can avoid concert tracks, live recordings and covers.


Gen 12 lets you specify the number of desired versions for each wish. Audials also takes into consideration which versions of a given track you already have in your music collection. Furthermore, you can define the amount of desired recordings in the Job mode. Another new feature is Expert mode, which lets heavy users choose tunebite high speed dubbing additional settings.

Brand new: Tunebite high speed dubbing Duplicate Manager One of the most difficult challenges since our first release inand one that still continues to present difficulties today, is recognizing and avoiding duplicates. Duplicates tend to pile up when importing a music collection or recording tracks.


With Gen 12, Audials has reached a true milestone and is now setting new standards: Just check out the following mode Audials now tunebite high speed dubbing offers: Recognize In Gen 12, Audials is introducing the so-called title suffix. No Yes. It costs a small amount of Gold Points and your contribution will help to build a better online community.Tunebite High-Speed Dubbing is a feature of the Tunebite soundcard and audio device bundle, a computer program from Audials that people. Discover answers on How to Remove Tunebite High-Speed Dubbing. Post you answers or question oniTunes Q&A.

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