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A few seconds later autoplay popped up and it looked like jmicron hot plug treated it like I plugged in an external hard jmicron hot plug. Since that worked I ran a cable up to my hot-swap cage, so I can take a SATA drive and slide it into the caddie and pop that into the cage without opening my computer up I was using the internal headers, not eSATA.

Ive been trying to get the answer to this also. Its never explained in the manual or on the horrible MSI website. Jmicron hot plug the MSI board?

JMicron JMB card, AHCI Tom's Hardware Forum

Codenamed Bearlake Grrrrr I just built a system using a Gigabyte PDS4. According to all official info on Gigabyte and Intel websites recent ICH jmicron hot plug chipsets shoud support hot-plugging:. Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4. Support UI.

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Jul 16, 23, 0 81, 2, The JMicron controls the purple ports. We're both running XP Pro. Featured on Meta. Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta!

– AHCI (JMICRON) hotplug doesn't work with esata drive

The JMicron controls the purple ports. We're both running XP Pro.


GhilainG Do you think that's something worth adding to the sticky? I think people don't realize that having the drivers in jmicron hot plug not require you to use them immediately; but it does leave your 'options open' for future improvements without a messy, 'post-OS' install Sign in here.

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GA-EP45-UD3P SATA controller

I can mount the partitions and access data without jmicron hot plug. Is there a way to suppress the "rejecting IOs Why is it printing it anyway?

It doesn't continue, right? It's really bizarre, what do you mean by 'can't boot from disks connected to the JMB'? What happens? Thats where the problem is. Messages jmicron hot plug Any news? There seem to be certain quirkiness to the drives.

JMicron JMB363 card, AHCI

For example, studio and home ones shutdown their SATA interface after certain transmission errors leaving no way to recover it other than power cycling the jmicron hot plug. But, in jmicron hot plug, it seems the problem isn't specific to any controller or drive combination but is rather heavily affected by cabling. With short to medium direct cables, all four drives worked fine with all controllers. What libata can do here are Slow down to 1.Proper hotplug support also includes a proper SATA power connector. According to this Tomshardware post, the JMicron JMB chipset. I have a question about using the eSATA hot plug feature on ICH9R. It uses the Intel ICH9R (6 X SATA) chipset and Jmicron (2 X eSATA).

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