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Need consumables or parts? TallyGenicom was acquired by Printronix in How it Works. Alphanumeric display six languages provides complete access to printer operation, configuration, calibration and test features.

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It also indicates whether each printer model is likely to work when printing from the IBM System i products. The is the first and only line printers on the market to feature Auto-Gap which simplifies operator setup and printer use by automatically setting the optimum print gap for lipi 6312 printer print quality based on the form thickness. Laser and multiple function printers might be able to automatically select the proper printer emulation mode based on the print data that it is sent.

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Printer Data Stream. Host- Based.

Contact Seller Ask for best deal. Lj series line printers designed for hp systems 2 pages.

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  • Lipi T, , , Ribbon Cartridge, Rs
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  • Lipi T6312 Line Matrix Printer

You already have an active moderator alert for this content. Character Printing Modes - Constant density fonts; enhanced fonts. Also providing printer spare parts, printer supplies and national onsite field service for many other printer manufacturers. This fault may be overridden in tech access mode. During the calibration process, if the calibration table is found to be invalid see Platen Calibration Requiredthis fault is reported. This fault is also reported if the platen control code stops receiving replies to requests for the current platen sensor value. Faulty communication between the main and control processor lipi 6312 printer occurred causing a dot row to misprint.

The printer automatically recovers from this condition. Under normal lipi 6312 printer there is no corrective action other than to depress the Clear key to remove the fault message from the display.

If, however, this problem persists, replace the Controller Board. This fault occurs only in auto gap mode when the platen is unable to reach the requested destination. The platen must be attempting lipi 6312 printer close and the current platen position must be in the Printable Gap Zone A typical scenario where this fault will occur is the closing of the platen on a form which has become crumpled below the paper tractors. Under no lipi 6312 printer will this fault be reported during an auto gap detection process, because the stalling of the platen motor is a necessary part of forms thickness detection. This user fault is handled as a warning to the user.

This fault occurs only in manual mode when the user has loaded forms that are too thick for the current print gap setting.


To avoid locking the platen, we auto adjust the print gap and inform the user of the new setting. The message is only displayed for 2 seconds. Caused when Ribbon Monitor has reached its set level. The Ribbon Fault Detector is not reading any movement in lipi 6312 printer printer ink-ribbon. Depress the Clear key lipi 6312 printer try to print again. If the fault returns, try to turn the Ribbon Knob.

If the Ribbon Knob will not turn, check to see if the ribbon is caught on the hammer bank or one of the other mechanisms through which lipi 6312 printer ribbon moves. If the Ribbon Knob does not turn and the ribbon is not caught somewhere, install a new ribbon cartridge. If the Ribbon Knob turns and the fault does not clear, replace the ribbon motor.

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Set up the printer address using the multilevel menus on the printer. If the control processor detects the shuttle operating either above or below the proper frequency, it shuts down the shuttle and attempts to restart it. If the shuttle still operates incorrectly after three consecutive attempts, the Control Processor goes Offline, and the Shuttle Fault message is displayed. Depress the Clear key, then put the lipi 6312 printer back Online.KEY FEATURES: Lines Per Minute; Durable and Reliable; Very Low Runnig Cost; Column Alignment Feature; Automatic Print Gap Adjustment; Ribbon.

Lipi 6312 printer their rugged and efficient design, they provide the most reliable and economical printing solution. T Line Printer Features. lines per minute (text).

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