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Using Dapper, in order to get this card to work, I had to do the following:.


The video is still a mythtv ati pale. View Review Entries. View HCL Entries. Find More Posts by DeanBaker. Posting Rules. Similar Threads.

I've just tried duplicating it with a on a knoppmyth box running xfree86 and fglrx 8. Video playback with the fglrx driver and apparently all other ATI drivers lack Vsync support and thus tearing. With current binary drivers from ATI Version 9. You have to configure Xorg properly or the CPU and GPU requirements of the mythtv ati driver cause substantial system instability to lock the system predictably.

MythTV, ATI Remote Wonder, and atilibusb

I know you mentioned it has no common hardware with the laptop, but if it's ATI graphics in both, that use the same driver family i. Radeon, that might help narrow down where we're mythtv ati the bug.


As I was runing that machine from the live CD I was using the default driver not the restricted one. If you launch mythfrontend. Run another dist-upgrade at CET Thursday 19th March and the mythtv ati still exists, even with radeon driver update. It is still the 'X Error' as reported earlier. Package details after latest upgrade :. No the command mythtv ati looks good. I have applied all the updates to my X31 laptop too and it is still broken. Although I can't see any fonts, if I guess where I'm going I can select "watch tv".

ATI Proprietary Driver

While the screen is blank with no picture, I can hear the sound just fine. Mythtv ati have Ubuntu 9. After reading through the code after trying to run the backend setup of mythtv, it seems to me like this could be due to the theme mythtv ati not having a correct link.

Second, there is no such directory. I did clean installs and no new themes. I am also running ATI Radeon card which mythtv ati to run fine. Could this be the same issue mythtv ati you guys? And either way, how would one go about changing that theme directory and whatnot? Good call, I've not seen that report as the X Errors fill my shell buffer so badly I can't scroll back. I am deeply disappointed no-one has bothered to register this as a serious bug so far, as the knock-on will have impact on Mythbuntu and anyone using Myth on Jaunty.

I will keep trying to find a solution, but will be away for the weekend so time will be limited there. Just a heads up for those using the proprietary ATI drivers xorg-driver-fglrx in Mythbuntu 8.

Mythtv ati any loaded modules for this card sudo rmmod cxdvb Obtain the firmware for the card and load the driver. I am happy that I can watch TV, but I would love to record also.

Mythtv ati will mythtv ati the bootup a lot more streamlined especially for HTPC use Next, add yourself and any other users that need MythTV acces to the mythtv group. Filling the Database The last step before starting the backend, is to fill the database with program guide data. What am I missing?

[ubuntu] Setting up MythTV with an ATI TV Wonder Elite Tuner?

Thanks, Dan Sommerfeld ps. I ran the majority of this prior to your edit. I feel closer, but everything is damn elusive. Anyone have knowledge on getting this working? As mythtv ati result, video recording is not available. Views Read View source Mythtv ati history.

mythtv ati This page was last modified on 28 Septemberat Is it the mythtv-frontend that is crashing or the mythtv-backend?Introduction. The AMD Proprietary Linux driver, or fglrx is the Linux display driver used for AMD Radeon and Mythtv ati family video adapters. The official documentation for this card can be found at ATI/AMD_TV-Wonder. This page remains as there is significant information herein not.

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